fast as a chat, easy as your language.
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nowadays we take full advantage out of technology when we interact in our private life
it's time to do the same when we're making our business

What we believe

B2B interactions
need to be
Small excellent companies
need a bridge
to run
their business,

E P T H I is an Electronic Platform to Hypersimplify B2B Interaction. During the last decades technologies and services are grown very fast. They changed our life tremendously, our way to interact, our way to comunicate. Nowadays we can easily share our entire life in a touch and we can meet a new friend on the other side of the planet with a single tap.

Why in our business we're using more or less the same tecnology of decades ago?

E P T H I is the "2" in the expression "B2B" and we start from the very beginning:

understand each other.


we collect the best user experiences, we add some more.
we give a pinch of vision and we cook on low heat.
Most of all we collaborate as a mission.

We use the Telegram's open platform.

E P T H I as Telegram is like SMS and email combined — fast, versatile and powerful. You can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc) to people who are in your phone contacts and have E P T H I or Telegram. You can also create groups for up to 200 people.

Safe & Private

E P T H I is not in the business of collecting your data or analyzing your conversation. We think that your business is just your. That's why we chose a little cost for great services. Simplify your business is our business. Privacy respect it's a must.

Real Time Chat Translator

E P T H I uses Google Translate because we think that your unique business need a perfect comprehension. The language is no longer a barrier between you and your deal. E P T H I Chat Translate is affordable, fast and reliable. Write your chat in your language and your business partner will read it in his own language.

Top Up Credit System

E P T H I has an easy and affordable credit system that empowers a total control of your costs. Just top up your credit when you need and use it the way you want. E P T H I translator is the first service but many more are on their way.


With E P T H I PRO you will get every future features that we are already developing
Don't miss the chance to get E P T H I PRO for free for a limited period of time!

EPTHI free


  • Faster than any other chat
  • Private and Secure with heavy encription
  • Create your Biz Team
  • Self-destruct secret chat



  • Full Functionality
  • 10.000 characters translation included
  • "flying Bridge" enabled
  • future features included


  • Full Functionality
  • 1.000 characters translation included
  • "flying Bridge" enabled
  • Free until end of December 2014


E P T H I comes from "Epthianura crocea" a species of bird endemic to Australia.
It is also known as yellow chat.,+New+York,+NY+10005/@40.7077627,-74.0100328,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c25a1702a2ceab:0x7537a5035589668

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